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A Restless Mind

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(Drinking Game created by sheynondoah and igotyoubigtimemulder)

Drink every time:

  1. A wristband is taken off. (acciopepperimps)
  2. Clarke is called Princess.
  3. Someone dies.
  4. Monty or Jasper sticks food in their mouths. (hellamybellamy)
  5. Bellamy hits/kills someone.
  6. There’s a semi-awkward/jealous moment.
  7. Raven kisses Finn.
  8. Abbey gets a “last chance.”
  9. Miller is on screen or mentioned.

Special Bellarke Expansion Pack:

  1. Drink extra if it’s Bellamy who calls Clarke Princess.
  2. Bellamy touches Clarke.
  3. Bellamy gives Clarke “that look.”

**Please drink responsibly!

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